Improved endometrial thickness and vascularity following vitamins E and C administration in infertile women undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation


Background: The most frequently used treatment to induce ovulation is clomiphene citrate which, unfortunately has the disadvantage of causing impaired endometrial growth. For successful conception to be achieved, optimal endometrial conditions are mandatory. The idea of giving vitamin C and E to infertile women on clomiphene citrate has been raised in published literature; however the subject is still controversial.Aim of the study: To study the effect of adding vitamins C and E supplementation to infertile women undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation, on endometrial thickness and vascularity.Patients and methods: The present case control study included 80 infertile women visiting infertility unit at Maternity and children hospital / Al-Dewaniyha city/ Iraq. From June 2014 to June 2016. Their age range was 20 to 35 years. They were classified into two groups: the first one included 40 patients and were treated using combine therapy of clomiphine citrate and vitamin E and C and the second group included 40 infertile women treated with clomiphine citrate only.Results: Median endometrial thickness was significantly greater in group 1 than that of group 2, 4.5 mm versus 3.1 mm on day 2 and 8.3 m versus 5.9 mm on day 12, respectively (P<0.001). Median endometrial vascular resistance was not significantly different in day 2; however it was significantly lower in group 1 compared to that of group 2 when assessed in day 12, 0.4 versus 0.6, respectively (P<0.001).