LigaSure Hemorrhoidectomy versus Excisional Diathermy Hemorrhoidectomy for All Symptomatic Hemorrhoids


Background: Hemorrhoidectomy by LigaSure electrosurgical unit seems to be very effective treatment and results in better surgicaloutcomes when compared with the conventional excisional hemorrhoidectomy. Objective: The aim of this study was to compare thefeasibility and the surgical outcomes of LigaSure hemorrhoidectomy with that of conventional diathermy excisional hemorrhoidectomy.Materials and Methods: Patients characteristics were comparable in both groups. Ninety six patients with symptomatic mainly grade III andIV piles were randomized for either conventional excisional hemorrhoidectomy (48 patients) or to LigaSure hemorrhoidectomy (48 patients)for the period from April 2014 to July 2016. The surgical outcomes of both procedures including the operative time, intra-operative bloodloss, postoperative pain, analgesic requirements, early and late postoperative complications, wound healing, recovery time and return towork, recurrence and patient satisfaction were recorded, compared and evaluated. Results: The mean operative time and amount of intraoperativeblood loss were significantly lower in LigaSure hemorrhoidectomy group. Postoperative pain and need for parentral analgesiawere comparable in the first 24 -48 hours postoperatively, but they were significantly lower in LigaSure group after the second postoperativeday. Faster wound healing and early return to work were obviously noted among patient subjected to LigaSure hemorrhoidectomy. Earlypostoperative complications were lower in LigaSure group while late complications were comparable in both groups. Lastly, LigaSure groupshowed high satisfaction rate compared to conventional hexcisional hemorrhoidectomy group. Conclusion: LigaSure hemorrhoidectomy issuperior and more advantageous in term of operative time, blood loss, post-operative complications, faster wound healing and return to work.It is simple, feasible and easy to learn.