A Study on Pattern of Contraception Practice in –Altimimia Community among Married women(15-49 Years)


Abstract:Objectives: to study the pattern of contraception practice among married women (15-49year).Methodology: This is a cross-sectional household survey carried out in one area in Basrah Governorate namely AL- Timimia .A cluster sample was chosen randomly for the purpose of study. The study involved two hundred married women at the age group of 15-49year who were interviewed by one of the investigators by using special questionform designed for the purpose of the study. Results: The study showed that the overall prevalence of contraception was 87%, 74.5% of women were using contraception at the time of the study, 13% hadn't use contraception at all, and the remaining 12.5% stopped using contraception to achieve pregnancy or because of economic reasons. The use rate of contraception was higher among women at the age group 25-34 year, having 4 children or more and among working women. Oral Contraceptive Pills(OCP) was the most commonly used method followed by intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) and injection. Younger women having less than 4 children preferred OCP and the reverse was true for IUCD. Majority of women was using contraception for spacing births. Recommendations: The study recommended a continuous health education in the field of family planning, counseling, provision and increase availability of different method in primary health care centers is necessary.