Numerical Solution of Distributions For A Fluid Velocity, Pressure And Temperature Along Flow Path For A Non-Conventional Machining Method


This work deals with a Non-Conventional machining cell consist of copper tool of dimensions (30 mm width and 50 mm length and 7 mm thickness ) ,En8 mild steel work piece of dimensions (30 mm width and 50 mm length and 8 mm thickness ) and fluid of (10 % NaCl w/w). The flow into machining cell was fully developed turbulent flow. For the numerical solution, ANSYS FLUENT software used to solve the basics equations. The inlet operating parameters for this cell were selected within the range of industrially realistic machining circumstances(supply voltage 12 to 18 volt, tool feed rate 0.35 to 1.65 mm/min, fluid flow rate 5 to 30 lit/min, fluid temperature 40 ºC and fluid back pressures 0 to 6 bar). The distributions of fluid velocity, static pressure and temperature along flow path were obtained. The results show the increasing of fluid temperature toward the outlet flow.