Using Arithmetic Weight Index for Study Quality Drinking Water of Al-Gharraf Stream


Water pollution is any physical or chemical change in water quality, directly or indirectly, adversely affects humans or makes water unsuitable for the required uses. This research is concerned with the study of the chemical and physical properties of water in the city of Nasiriya-Iraq and the quantity of pollution by applying the arithmetic weight index. The study was based on the concentrations of positive ions (Potassium 〖(k)〗^+, Sodium 〖(Na)〗^+, Calcium 〖(Ca)〗^+) and negative ions (Sulfate 〖 (SO4)〗^+, Chloride 〖(CL)〗^+) acidity (PH), Total Dissolved Solid (T.D.S), Alkalinity (ALK), Electrical Conductivity (E.C) Total suspended solids (T.S.S) and total hardness (TH), where the results of the analysis were compared with Iraqi standards adopted to show the validity of water drinking for the use of human. The results of the study were explained:1. The water of the study area is the basicity of the interaction where the pH ranged (7.85-8.8) (8.3-8.6) for two seasons. 2. All water in the study area is unsuitable for drinking according to the arithmetic weight index. 3. It is not good to apply the standard Iraqi drinking before treatment water.