Risk Factors of Knee Osteoarthritis in Women > 50 years


Abstract: Background: Osteoarthritis is one of the most disabling disease affecting middle age population specially knee osteoarthritis in women >50 years old, high parity had not been investigated thoroughly in western researches probably because it is not frequent in western societies, and hence it is very common in our locality, this research sheds lights on this important factor in the development of osteoarthritis in our patients.Aim: To determine risk factors in the development of knee osteoarthritis in our society's women aged > 50 yearsPatients & methods: A case-control design was adopted for this study, where 110 women >50 years with osteoarthritis of knee joints were allocated as cases, and another 110 women > 50 years without osteoarthritis of knee or other joints , were allocated as controls. Study period extended from 15 October 2005 to 1st. April 2006.Questionnaire forms were including, family history, parity status, history of previous abortion , history of previous trauma to knee joints and history of presence of one or more of chronic-non communicable diseases as Hypertension, ischemic heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Examination for assessing weight in kg and height in cm to obtain body mass index, also was undertaken by the researcher.Results: Obesity measured by body mass index (≥ 25) in this study appeared to be highly associated in the development of knee osteoarthritis (OR= 7.48, 95% C.I.= 3.66-15.29 ) and also positive family history was highly correlated with the development of knee osteoarthritis (OR= 3.47, 95% C.I.= 2.01-6.00). This study also, indicated that high parity ( >4 ) is an important risk factors for over 50 years women in the development of knee osteoarthritis (OR= 6.97, 95% C.I.= 3.55-13.70) , where 90 % of women with knee osteoarthritis were in high parity status compared to 56% of women with the same character , but without knee OA. Previous history of trauma to knee joints, past history of abortion and the presence of one or more of chronic non-communicable diseases, all appeared in this study not to be associated with the development of knee osteoarthritis. Conclusion: Obesity, positive family history and high parity are established risk factors for the development of knee osteoarthritis in women more that 50 years old.