Antibiotics Susceptibility pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa that isolated from ear, wound and urine samples


A total of 181 isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa were obtained from 781 clinical samples from Al-Sader Medical city. The isolates were collected from ear swab(85 isolates), wound swab (70 isolates) and urine sample (26 isolates). P. aeruginosa was isolated from ear swab in high percentage 85 (46.96%) as compared with wound swab 70 (38.67%) and urine sample 26 (14.99%). The isolates of P. aeruginosa were subjected to antibiotic sensitivity test. Among various antibiotics tested, the strains showed highest resistance to ampicillin (100%), followed by Cephalothin (92.82%), Cefotaxem (84.53), Gentamycin( 69.61) and Trimethoprim (67.99), Carbencillin (67.95), Ceftriaxon (24.86), Ciprofloxacin (20.99), Cefamandol (19.33), Tobramycin(14.91), Amikacin( 14.3), and Piperacillin (12.7). Among most effective antibiotics against P.aerugionsa, with low resistant rate are Tobramycin (14.91), Amikacin (14.3), and Piperacillin (12.7) respectively. Out of 50 P.aerugionsa isolates ( retested for ESBL production)13 (26%) were found to be ESBL producers and non-ESBL were 37 (74% ). Extended spectrum beta-lactamases enzymes (ESBL) was performed by double disc diffusion method .