Study of Different Treatment Schedules in Patients with Thalassemia Major and its Relation to Mineral, Trace Elements and Albumin Blood Level Among Them


Abstract:Background: Superficial fungal infection is a common problem in Iraqi patients , and they often present as tinea capitis & tinea corporis they are caused by the common well known dermatophyte species .Objectives: the present study conducted to investigate dermatophyte infection in Iraq after invasion by the multinational troops . Methods: A total of 194 patients with different dermatophyte skin infections were examined from Feb – Aug 2004 in the Department of Dermatology, Baghdad Teaching Hospital . Specimens from hair , skin and nails were examined directly after mounting in 20% KOH and then cultured on Sabouraud dextrose agar (SDA) , positive culture were identified using slide culture technique besides several identifying tests .Results;- Out of 194 patients with different dermarophyte skin infection , 72 cases showed positive cultures . Two new species were isolated for the first time in Iraq . T. sudanense and T. proliferans . Conclusion; The present work showed isolation of new species of dermatophytes which are probably introduced through the multinational troops .