Conjugated Polymer (MEH-PPV:MWCNTs) Organic Nanocomposite for Photodetector Application


Fabrication of a photodetector consists of the conjugated polymer "MEH-PPV"- poly (2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenlenevinylene) and MEH-PPV:MWCNT nanocomposite thin film. The volume ratio investigated was 0.75:0.25. MEH-PPV was dissolved in chloroform solvent and doped with MWCNTs. The spin coating method was used to achieve a facile and low cost photodetector. The absorption spectrum decreases by adding the CNTs. The PL spectrum detected recombination curve results by doping the polymer with CNTs, and AFM measurement showed an increase of roughness average from (0.168 to 2.43nm) of "MEH-PPV" and "MEH-PPV:CNTs", respectively. The doping ratio 0.25, which has a higher photoresponsivity, was evaluated at 1.70 A/W and 2.14 A/W of the UV and Vis. wavelength range. Time-dependent photocurrent analysis showed that the higher sensitivity was 176.56 % at 350nm and 290.99% at 500 nm of the "MEH-PPV:MWCNTs" thin films, while I-V characteristics showed a rectifying behavior.