Structural and Optical Properties of Ce-Cupric Oxide Thin Films


This work focuses discusses the structural and optical properties of Cerium- Cupric oxide thin film prepared on silicon and glass substrate by the spray pyrolysis technique at a temperature of 200,250,300 ̊C. The results of (XRD) tests showed that all the prepared films were of a polycrystalline installation and monoclinic crystal structure with a preferable direction was (11-1) of CuO. Morphology analysis studied by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and reveals that the grain size of the prepared thin film is approximately (64.69-101.26)nm , with a surface roughness of (0.238– 0.544) nm as well as root mean square of (0.280-0.636)nm for CuO Ce-doping, Optical characteristics were studied by UV/VIS Spectrophotometer at (300- 1100 nm) and observed that the transmission value was more than 80 % at the visible wavelength range. The direct energy gap (Eg) ranged between (1.70-3.00) eV at temperature 200 ̊C and then the values of the energy gap decreases with increasing temperature of substrate when, is measured by UV/VIS.