Mutual Coupling Reduction In Microstrip Antenna Array Using Ebg


Microstrip antenna array can be used for various application at X and KU-bands . In this paper the design of a microstrip antenna array configurations was 1x2 at 9.46 GHz were presented. A mutual coupling reduction method between closely spaced antenna array elements is proposed by using Electromagnetic Band Gap with T-Shaped slot (EBGT) and with T and L slots (EBGTL) . The simulated results shows that the good performance of antenna array by using EBG structure comparison with the antenna array without the decoupling structures. The mutual coupling in antenna array reducing to -56.83 dB by with EBGT and to -69.26 dB with EBGTL , and the average gain is 9.05 dB , and 9.65 dB with EBGT and EBGTL respectively