Spatial Analysis of Car Transportation Movement in Basra for the year 2017


The present study aims at studying the transportation density in Basra to identify the proportion of traffic movement, The traffic movement in Basra is determined by some factors like the number , the type and the size of the Cars , the type of the surrounding activities , in addition to the number of the population living along those streets .In the study , thetraffic repetition method is used to observe Car movements. The field observation in Basra has been done in eight streets , represented by Baghdad streets, 5mile streets, Al- Askary streets, Al-Tijari streets, Dinar streets, Al- Lijnah –AI- OIqmbia streets, 14 Tamooz streets , AI-Wufood streets. Represents the movement in the top three traffic jams :Morning traffic period (7:30to8:30), after noon period (2 to 3) , and evening period (5 to 6) .Keywords: Spatial Analysis ,Car Transportation.