A look at the geographical location of the Khasam tribe Early Islam


Geography is the knowledge of the relationship and dependence between environmental factors that affects the lives of the residents of each area because man is a geographical phenomenon and the geographical location is as influential factor on land and it is also the first step in identifying the history of each tribe because every tribe has its own specific geographic location and the greatness of the historical and cultural tribe is obtained with its geographical study and with this study can be realized somewhat to the past and the political and economic situation of that tribe In the meantime, Yemen is one of the areas that is located in the southwest of the Arabian peninsula that many tribes were living there one of the tribes, called "Khasam" and the specific climate and natural position led to the incomeOf the tribe provided through agriculture and trade and commerce So that destroyed the dam of" Marab" and began the migration of this tribe and they settled in the "Serat" of Yemen Cities like: "Tebaleh", "Bisheh", "Jarash" and "Vady Shora" and there were various markets in the life of this tribe and these markets was influential on political, economic and social life of this tribeIn this article we used from numerous historical sources in Arabic and Persian to express the geographic of" Khasam" tribe.