The study was carried out on (72)addicts of analgesics which containthe compound Codeinesuch as the syrup of cough supressant . The ages of the addicts were between (18-48) yearsand the period of addiction was 4 to10tewrs . Also,40 persons who do not take any drugswere taken as samples for purpose of compartion.The study aimed at identifying theHematological measurements which could happen to the addicts of such drugs .As the studyaimed at studying the Cytogenetic measurements of the addiicts and mean while identifyingthe side symptoms which accompany this case of addication.Accordingiy , it has been found out that the over use of the analgesics creates a spiritualdesrease P<0.05in the concentration of the Hb%(9.89%)accompanied by an increase of theaverage of the total serum biliruben (T.S.B) (1.72) mg/dl. Also,there is a spiritual increase ofthe average of the E.S.R P<0.05 to (26.2) ml/hor.And there is also an increase of the totalcount average of W.B.C(8986)cell/ml3 associated with a decrease of the immuntiy of theaddicts greatly.There occures spiritual differeneces P<0.05 in the rate of the number of thedifferental W.B.C represented by a decrease in the average of the existence of theNetrophil(37.38)cell/ml3 . on the other hand,there is an increase in the rate of theMonocytes(16.29) cell/ml3 and Lymphocyte(43.17) cell/ml3 . Although there were nochromosomal aberrations or damage (with the exception of one case),there were formation ofthe Micronuclei (MN) with various forms in most of the individuals of the samples . Also,there was an increase in the Mitotic index factor (MI) with (2.8%)in all the cases which isanother indication of creating genetic and chromosomal aberrations which could not beobserved easily through the test of the chromosomal Karyotype.