Immune Response Improvement Against Giardiasis in Male Albino Rats by Using Ultrasound


The present study investigated the effect of the direct ultrasonic waves, as an immune stimulator, against infection with giardiasis caused by Giardia lamblia in Norwegian rats Rattus norvegicus. The pathological changes occurred in the rats administered orally with the cysts of G. lamblia, exposed to different durations of ultrasonic waves 60 seconds, 150s, 210s and 240s, respectively, with constant frequency 20.000 pulsesecond(1.8w/cm2) were followed in comparison with the control group (rats administered orally with the cysts of G. lamblia, without exposure to the ultrasonic waves), along the experiments period, depending on many criteria, included the changes in the total and differential count of leukocytes (WBCs), and specific (cellular) immunity, represented by skin- delayed type hypersensitivity test. The results of the present study revealed a significant increase (p≤0.01) in the total count of leukocytes, the maximum count was 10600 cell/cm3 at duration 210s, expressed by increase in lymphocytes, variation in monocytes numbers in treated animals.A significant increase (p≤0.01) in the cellular immunity, represented by elevation in the rates of foot pad thickness (swelling), the maximum thickness was 1.75mm at duration 240s in treated animals, in comparison with control group (0.225 mm).