Radio Contact Establishment Out of Iraqi Boarder using Nicosia Ionosonde Real data


Although the advanced technology in satellites and optical fiber communication systems exists now a day, but the researches in HF sky wave propagation for Mesopotamia (Iraq) area is suffered from shortage. In this paper, the novelty is that the communication path from Baghdad to any distance out of Iraqi border had been predicted, calculated and measured experimentally by using real data (Ionogram) supplemented by Nicosia Ionosound station 1000Km from Baghdad and a radio station model TS-130SE as a transmitter. The Predicted results generated by using MATLAB and NTIA/ITS software package like VOACAP. Radio communication using TS-130SE with 36 countries had been done experimentally. A comparison between the theoretical and experimental results was done. The experimental results were in the range of the predicated results which emphasis proposed method Presented in this paper.