Current Big Data Issues and Their Solutions via Deep Learning: An Overview


The advancements in modern day computing and architectures focus on harnessing parallelism and achieve high performance computing resulting in generation of massive amounts of data. The information produced needs to be represented and analyzed to address various challenges in technology and business domains. Radical expansion and integration of digital devices, networking, data storage and computation systems are generating more data than ever. Data sets are massive and complex, hence traditional learning methods fail to rescue the researchers and have in turn resulted in adoption of machine learning techniques to provide possible solutions to mine the information hidden in unseen data. Interestingly, deep learning finds its place in big data applications. One of major advantages of deep learning is that it is not human engineered. In this paper, we look at various machine learning algorithms that have already been applied to big data related problems and have shown promising results. We also look at deep learning as a rescue and solution to big data issues that are not efficiently addressed using traditional methods. Deep learning is finding its place in most applications where we come across critical and dominating 5Vs of big data and is expected to perform better.