Study of Radon Concentration and Lung Cancer Risk in The Right Area of Shirkatt District


During the summer season, in Shirkatt District and by using time integrated passive radon dosimeters containing (CR-39) plastic radon detectors, indoor radon concentration level and lung cancer risks have been measured in 16 sites. The radon concentration ranged between 50.38 and 212.35 Bq/m3 with an average value 103.98 Bq/m3, which lies within the acceptable radon levels (50-150 Bq/m3) recommended by ICRP. Potential alpha energy concentration was varying from 5.4×10-3 to 22.9×10-3 WLM with average value 17.2×10-3 WLM which corresponds to absorption effective dose equivalent 2.4713 mSvy-1in human, It is observed that this value lies within the recommended levels (3-10 mSvy-1) reported by ICRP. The average lung cancer cases per year per 106person were found to be 44.49, there were no inductions of existence of radon problems in this survey


Radon, Lung, Cancer, District.