Night Terror for Elementary Stage Pupils and Its Relationship With Some Variables.


Night Terror is a sleep disorder that can have a negative effect that extends to many aspects of a child's life, accompanied by high excitability and abnormal behaviors that can harm the child and can even extend to the child's surroundings. These effects may occur during a seizure. The aim of this research is to identify the level of Night Terror in the primary school students and to identify the differences of statistical significance in the level of panic according to the sex variables (males, females) and the primary stage. (27) items were answered by the family of the child, and after the extraction of the psychometric characteristics of the scale was applied to (576) students and students were chosen by random class of students in the first four grades in primary school in Baghdad / schools of education Karkh II and Rusafa (288) males and (288) females between the ages of (6-10) years. After the analysis of the results were statistically diagnosed (121) students and students suffering from Night Terror ,The results showed that there were statistically significant differences in night panic between males and females and males. There were also significant differences between the study samples according to the school stage. so, the researcher made a number of recommendations and suggestions.