Evaluation of the efficiency of education and health services in Alam Area


The study deals with educational and health services in the field of science, located between latitudes (39 44, 43 and 10 42 42) in the east and (13 39 34, 18 32 34). In the north, the population of Al-Alam (86006) The state of education and health services in the field of science and evaluation of the efficiency of these services depending on local standards and whether these services meet the needs of the region or not, in order to know the problems and challenges experienced by the science, and the study was based on its curriculum mainly on the descriptive approach and analytical approach, Social services and their types are also dealt with Professors of competencies and standards of social services ended the evaluation of the efficiency of educational and health services through the analysis of data using local standards and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses by determining the surplus and disability of these services. At the end of the research the researcher reached a number of conclusions and recommendations which the researcher hopes to achieve some benefit In achieving the development of the cities of our beloved homeland.