Study the Effect of Some Solutions on Epoxy Resin & Calculate Diffusion Coefficient of Solution.


Abstract: Specimen of Epoxy resin have surface area (1cm*1cm) immersed in several individual solvent (0.5% NaoH), (1% NaOH),(2.5% H2SO4), (5%H2SO4),(2.5%HCl), (5% HCl). For long time (three years). The specimen's masses were measured before and after immersion in solutions. Diffusivity and diffusion coefficient of solutions in epoxy resin measured from the relation of the change of specimen weight and the square rout of time.Photograph of the specimen surface have taken by using optical microscope and digital camera. Shoor Hardness test was used to obtain the change of Hardness properties after pot in solvent. The result obtained illustrate the different effect of these solution in the surface of specimen that effect in hardness and diffusion coefficient.