Reducing Times of Completion in Constructing Projects using The network Analysis Model of Business : Research Applied to the Bridge of the city of Baquba in The Brovince of Diyala"


Many projects are missing out on their work according to a scientific method despite the major developments taking place in the world, which will make them to gain the advantage of speed of achievement, as well as the large cost of the completion of projects, Hence, the research aims to apply the network analysis to plan and follow the project of the bridge of the city of Baquba in the province of Diyala as a sample for research, to apply the slope cost method to determine the times required for completion and to determine the flat time of project activities, To reduce the normal time to complete the project according to the experimental time, the cost of evasion and, the best times and costs of the project were reached, In the light of this, a set of recommendations have been formulated which are hoped to be used by the specialists .