Spectral Study of some Charge Transfer Complexes Derived from Schiff base of 3- Methoxy -4-hydroxy benzaldehyde with some Electrone acceptors.


:A new series of Schiff bases were obtained by condensation of 3- methoxy -4-hydroxy benzaldehyde (vanillin) with seven aromatic amine .These bases were identified by infrared spectra and melting point . The effect of the substituents (x) on the amino ring has been studied
. The charge transfer complexes (CTC) of the Schiff bases as a donor molecules with various electron acceptors as(DDQ ,P-CA ,O-CA ,-m-Dn and PF (used for the first time as acceptor) in methylene chloride and methanol (solvent ) were estimated , the physical parameters of the CT complexes were calculated by applying the Benesi –Hildebrands equation for 1:1 CT complexes .
The study also involved precipitation of one Schiff bases (1)with three electron acceptors as CT complexes and identified these complexes by IR ,melting point, UV-visible and the colures .