The Influence of RF power, pressure and substrate temperature on optical properties of RF Sputtered vanadium pentoxide thin films


The V2O5 films were deposited on glass substrates which produce using "radio frequency (RF)"power supply and Argon gas technique. The optical properties were investigated by, UV spectroscopy at "radio frequency" (RF) power ranging from 75 - 150 Watt and gas pressure, (0.03, 0.05 and 0.007 Torr), and substrate temperature (359, 373,473 and 573) K. The UV-Visible analysis shows that the average transmittance of all films in the range 40-65 %. When the thickness has been increased the transhumance was decreased from (65-40) %. The values of energy band gap were lowered from (3.02-2.9 eV) with the increase of thickness the films in relation to an increase in power, The energy gap decreased (2.8 - 2.7) eV with an increase in the pressure and substrate temperature respectively.