Characterization of (SnO2)1-x(TiO2:CuO)x films as NH3 gas sensor


Tin dioxide (SnO2) were mixed with (TiO2 and CuO) with concentration ratio (50, 60, 70, 80 and 90) wt% films deposited on single crystal Si and glass substrates at (523 K) by spray pyrolysis technique from aqueous solutions containing tin (II) dichloride Dihydrate (SnCl2, 2H2O), dehydrate copper chloride (CuCl2.2H2O) and Titanium(III) chloride (TiCl3) with molarities (0.2 M). The results of electrical properties and analysis of gas sensing properties of films are presented in this report. Hall measurement showed that films were n-type converted to p- type as titanium and copper oxide added at (50) % ratio. The D.C conductivity measurements referred that there are two mechanisms responsible about the conductivity, hence it possess two activation energies. Maximum sensitivity 16 % obtained for sample (SnO2)40(TiO2: CuO) 60 toward (NH3) gas at the operating temperature (473 K), whereas faster response time and recovery time were 20 (s) for (SnO2) and (SnO2)20(TiO2:CuO)80 respectively.