Corrosion Activity Laser Treated Aluminum12% Silicon Alloy with Fe and Ti Powders at Two Different Energies


In This work, the corrosion activity of laser treated almium12%siliconalloy was tested. The addition of Fe and Ti as elemental powderswas studied. Two different laser energies of 750 and 1000 kJ were used.Corrosion measurements by potential static at 3mV.sec-1in condensed syntheticautomotive solution. The corrosion data show that laser treatment led toincreasing corrosion resistance due to smoothness of the surface alloy becauseof high energy, and the corrosion resistance in the presence of Fe and Tipowders better than that in the absence of metallic powders were increased from(8.416 Ω.cm2( to )11.216 Ω.cm2( whereas corrosion rate decreased from(1.3194) to (0.7615) of specimens which laser treated with present Ti comparedwith as received , and the corrosion resistance increase with increasing laserenergy.