Developing an Approach to Redesign Freeform Surfaces Using B-Spline Technique


In product design process trends currently tend to use sculpturesurface (freeform surface) that modeling by using (NURBS, B-spline, Bezier)technique to suit aesthetic, functional and manufacturability requirements.The B-Spline technique is one of the most important tools in computer aidedgeometric design (CAGD). This paper reported a new approach to design 3Dfreeform CAD model and then represented this model mathematically by usingB-Spline technique. This mathematical represent consider one of theimportant aims that useful in manufacturing process through its geometricdata which defines by this represent. The approach has three major steps:design 3D CAD solid contain freeform surface by using CAD software,analysis and extraction the parameters including geometric data of 3D CADmodel based on IGES file format, and then construction the B-Spline surfaceof the model that contain multi patches by using basis function of the surface.The approach has been extensively tested with more than case study has 3degrees of the surface then represented mathematically in four patches.