The Role and Important of Internet of Things in Building Sustainable City


Every year many people migrate from country to city to live there. Thiswill load a big pressure on the whole living in the city, Baghdad city also sufferfrom this problem in addition to other found problems like energy consumption ,waste accumulate , Traffic congestion, noise, environmental pollution. To offer agood sustainable future living to population without any damage to environmentand to solve many problems , one can use internet of things which is theconnection network of the things especially with high spread of networks nowwhich Internet of things based on it .the purpose of this research is to explaininternet of things (IoT) and its role in solving many problems in the city , by usingof the data collect by internet of things and to respond in real time to knowproblems and to enable planning and building city in a valuable sustainable way .As well as to explain the concept and models of smart city and its relationship tothe sustainable city and Internets of things. In addition, to demonstrate in asimplified way the possibility of using the Internet of things to solve the problemsin the Baghdad city and to raise the standard of life of its inhabitant is in asustainable smart way. Taking this in the strategic planning of Baghdad city.