Preparation, Characterization and Utilization of Polyacrylamid-Kaolin Composite in the Removal of Nickel Ions From Water


A composite material of polymeric matrix Polyacrylamid (PAM) thatis reinforced by a certified clay mineral of the Iraqi kaolinite at several weightratios (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50%) was prepared by mixing the polymer watersolution with the clay followed by hand molding method. Some of themechanical properties of the prepared composite such as tensile strength,impact and hardness Shore A were studied to improve the mechanicalcapability to be as a sorbent for the removal of heavy metals from water.Theresults showed an improvement in the mechanical properties as the kaolincontent was increased. The powdered material was evaluated as a sorbent fornickel ions from aqueous solution using batch conditions. Experimental design(Box- Wilson) system was applied to determine the optimum workingconditions such as composite amount, pH and contact time. Results provedreasonable adsorption efficiency and relatively high adsorption capacity of thecomposite towards the Ni ions removal of from water. The optimum conditionswere sorbent amount of 10.0 g/l, pH = 7, and contact time of 100 min