Optimization of Economic and Environmental Perspectives for sustainable Product Design and Manufacturing


Growing environmental concerns, coupled with public pressure andstricter regulations, are fundamentally impacting the way companies designand launch new products across markets. Companies are recognizing thatimplementing design and manufacturing for the environment in their productdevelopment process, provides opportunities for both improving theenvironmental aspects of a product and for enhancing the productcompetitiveness. Therefore, considering concurrently economic andenvironmental perspectives for decision-making during early stages of designand manufacturing are considered crucial to the product design process. Inthis paper, taking into account these perspectives, a framework in design andmanufacturing of a new product is presented, using genetic algorithm to obtainthe optimal values of performance measures.The combined sustainability index(CSI) is used as an informal measure for identifying the decision variables of amaximally sustainable design and manufacturing method for a new product.The proposed framework has been applied to a case study on a bottle openerdesign and its manufacturing processes. As a result of this case study, theproduct sustainability index can be used in order to assist product designers tojudge their product at the early development stages