Determination of Radon Concentrations in Soil Around Al-Tuwaitha Site Using CR-39 Detector


In this work radon concentration in 37 soil samples collectedfrom 17 regions surround the (Al Tuwaitha) were measured by usingsolid-state nuclear track detector (SSNTD.s) CR-39 with naturalexposure of one month, and by comparison with standard samples. Theradon concentration in the soil samples was about (9.583 ± 0.369 ـــ28.029 ± 0.631) Bq/m3 in locations one (Rotate Salman) and eight (Anarea agricultural near high-voltage towers) respectively, with rate of(20.939 ± 0.541) Bq/m3. The specific activity of radium (Ra) dissolvedduring generate radon were ranging between (3.37 – 9.857),with rate of (7.393), surface emission of radon gas rate in thesoil was found between (0.144 – 0.422 Bq/m2.h) with rate of (0.314Bq/m2.h) and their mass emission of radon gas rate has the highestvalue of (0.016 Bq / kg . h) and lower value (0.005 Bq / kg . h) withrate of (0.012 Bq / kg . h. These results are within the acceptable limitthat recorded by UNECEAR and ICRP