Treatment of Freckles Among Patients with Dark skin Complexions. A Comparison of Intense Pulsed Light, Q-Switched 532 nm Laser and Phenol 80% Spot Peel


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: Intense pulsed light (IPL), Q-switched 532 nm laser and phenol peels are useful for pigmentary lesions but with limited comparative studies in dark skin peoples and a presumed pigmentary changes. OBJECTIVE:To compare the efficacy and safety of IPL, Q-switched 532 nm laser and phenol 80% peel in the treatment of frecklesMETHODS:Twenty six patients with freckles were enrolled in the study. They had Fitzpatrick skin type III and IV. From each patient, the freckles on the right and left cheeks were treated with a single session of IPL or phenol 80% spot peel respectively. Freckles on the midface were treated with Q-switched 532 nm laser. Patients were seen after 1, 2, 6 and 16 weeks RESULTS:Nineteen (73.07%) patients were females and 7 (26.92%) were males, their ages ranged from 19-36 (27.53±5.88) years. Immediate darkening was seen at the IPL treated lesions. Frosting was the result at the laser and phenol ones. Dry scab developed on all lesions and falls after 5-7 days. At 16 weeks of follow up, score 1 was maintained in 18 (69.23%) versus 6 (23.07%) patients at the IPL and phenol sides respectively, while at the laser treated lesions 19 (73.07%) patients were having score 2. No one had score 1. After 16, good satisfaction was obtained in 61.53%, 38.46% and 26.92% on the IPL, phenol and laser sites respectively.CONCLUSION:ll 3 modalities are beneficial, but intense pulse light was more effective and safe..