The Effect of Metal Complexes of DL – Methionine on Some Biochemical Parameters


Abstract :The donor properties of the amino acid Methionine CH3 SCH2 CH2 CH (NH2) COOH (HMt), were investigated for a number of transition Metal Ions , Co(ذ ) , Ni(ذ ) , Cu(ذ), Zn( ذ ) , Cd(ذ ) , Hg( ذ) , Pb (ذ ) .Methionine behaves as on anionic ligand (Mt)and generally forms neutral complexes , M" Mt2 the metal attains its usual higher coordination number by linking with the( N) atom of – NH2 group and with one or both the(O) atom of the – COO- group .In these complexes the ( S) atom of the –S CH2 group is still available for coordination. To help in the structural study of Methionine complexes a number of complexes were prepared and investigated .The effect of Methionine with detoxic (Pb, Hg, Cd ) on Glutathione s- Transfers and MDA were investigated.