Study The Chemical Analysis and Lethal dose of Alcoholic Extract For Qunabrey Plant Cardaria Draba(L.)Desv.


This study was aimed to obtain the alcoholic extract of cardaria draba (L.) Des .plant of ethanol %70,%96 in both dry and fresh parts respectively. The weight of the extract of the c.draba plant was 55.70,8.71 for dry part and fresh part respectively. Determine preliminary the chemical group included in the extract by using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) techniques. Four types of plate and four types of solutions were used, the results showed that the fourth type of plate was better for separation and the fourth type of solutions was better. A result of the separation were detected (10 14) compound in both the dry and fresh parts respectively. The relative flow rate (RF) was measured by ultra violet radiation on the wave length (365) nm. Different RF rate values and different color spectra were obtained for the dry and fresh extract respectively. Esculetin as a coumarine compound has been determined according to standard substances.The determination of half fatal dose LD50 (lethal dose) by oral administration of the Extract for the mice, and the results of experiments observed very low percent of death (3.33%) by using the (1750-1000) mg/ml and (6.66%) in (2000) mg/ml dose respectively.