Classification of Public and private hospitals in terms of its health service quality standards by using cluster and Discriminant Analysis :Basrah Case Study


The health sector is an important sector because it is closely related to the health and human life. Therefore, modern societies pay great attention to the quality of health services to improve the level of services in all health institutions of all types. Therefore, the aim of the research is to achieve a statistical study based on dividing the data of some hospitals in Basra governorate A group that is highly homogenous. To achieve this, two methods have been adopted: hierarchical cluster analysis method for classification of hospitals according to the standards of quality of health services from the point of view of patients. So, use the Binary logistic regression analysis . In the research, a number of conclusions and recommendations were found that the method of hierarchical cluster analysis classifies the hospitals of the research sample on In accordance with the quality of service standards, into two clusters, each with a group of hospitals. The Binary logistic regression model enables the identification of variables that have had a significant impact on the identification of hospitals.