Geochemical & palaeontological Study of Gulneri Formation(upper cretaceous) NE-Iraq


Gulneri formation in it's type locality (Dokan Dam), had been studiedgeochemically & palaeontologically. The trace elements (Mn, Ni, Cr, Sr, Rb) inaddition to K2O(IR.)& (L.O.I) were documented. The genus & species ofplanktonic foraminifera has been identified, where the index species used todetermine the age of the formation (Lower Touronian). The study deduced form thebehavior & distribution of geochemical elements in addition to the metamorphicprocesses acting on glauconite mineral which leads to formation of Byrite mineraland the presence of bio-assemblages in the Black shale, that Gulneri formation weredeposited in deep marine ecology away from the shoreline which influenced byoxygen deficiency (Euxenic environment