Energy-Exergy Performance Comparison of an Ideal Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle using Alternatives Refrigerants of R134a for Low Potential of Global Warming


This work presents a theoretical study on theapplication of low global warming refrigerants as an alternativerefrigerant to R 134a in a refrigeration system. Therefrigerants investigated are R1234yf, R1234ze, R245fa andR227ea. The performance characteristics of the refrigerationsystem were predicted using mathematical models running byusing EES program under different condenser and evaporatortemperatures. The results show that at any working conditionthe R1234ze give an identical performance to R134a and can beused as the best low global warming alternative refrigerant. Sothe compressor work with R1234ze should be designed withdisplacement volume more than that of R134a to overcome thereduction in mass flow rate