Natural element and effect on Water system in Al-Manathera City


Occupy the southern part of the study area west of Najafprovince,which covers most of the surface soil Tmuep type of soil andsediment, which is characterized by plunge in from the north to the southIs clear from the foregoing that the natural effect of the factorsimportant in influencing the agendas of irrigation and drainagenetwork in the district Manathira in terms of spread and distributionas well as the differing characteristics. Namely: (location,geological structure, surface, Banazare climate (solar radiation,temperature, wind, relative humidity, rainfall, evaporation), soilphysical and chemical characteristics, and natural vegetation).Determines the course of the surface extensions of thegeographical system of irrigation and drainage network in the study area taking direction (north, south - east, west). Consistent with thedecline of 0 as the ground affects climate in the quality of irrigationwater network within the study area through the influence of someelements such as heat and rain to raise the values of somecharacteristics of quality