Preparation and study of some Transition Metal Complexes with Liquid Crystal Properties


: Acetylenic amine (N,N-Bis propargy piperazine) were synthesized and diagnosed in spectroscopic method (Uv-visibl and IR) and (C.H.N) analysis . Preparing and studying new complexes by using ligand that from acetylenic amine which using this purpose at the first time with metal chlorides(Mo+3 ,Cr+5 ,W+6 ,Fe+3 ). Studying of complexes by using suitable methods have been diagnosed in Uv-Visible, IR, Magnetic susceptibility , atomic absorption ,electric conductivity measurement and molar ratio, all result obtained from different techniques above which were found that their corresponding with the proposed structures for the prepared complexes . Complexes appeared liquid crystal properties therefore they have been studied careful (∆H, ∆S) of liquid crystal stages for both changes calculated which were found that their corresponding with the data in literature.