Review Metabolism: A review


Metabolism is a biochemical process in which the body convertsfood into energy through a series of chemical reactions, in which nutrients aredestroyed within the digestive system and converted to energy by buildingand destroying cells and tissues. Food has been converted into energythrough a series of chemical reactions in which basic food is broken down intothe debris, resulting in energy. These molecules are also used in theformation of more complex materials, so as to build cells and tissuesMetabolism is divided into catabolism whethercarbohydrate, protein, or fat, are broken down in different ways from biologicalreactions to simple molecules. This results in access to energy. Anabolism ,Small particles resulting from the demolition can be used as a nucleus to buildmore complex materials, whether protein or nuclear acids. This happensthrough a series of interactions so as to build tissue and consume energy inthose interactions.