The Secret of conviction in argumentation Al-Baqer


The method of persuasion is an ancient innate art, but it has not emerged as an independent science except within the products of the twentieth century, where the studies have shown that there are several things must be provided in the personality of the addresser in order to achieve this method. In the examination of the personality of Imam Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) through his debates turned out that his speech is persuasive of the first-class, relying in achieving that on several techniques, including linguistic and rhetorical and semi-logical techniques, so the study came out under the title "Secrets of Persuasion in the Debates of Al-Baqerpbuh". The study came with an introduction and two chapters, the first chapter dealt with the definition of the persuasion, conviction and the conditions that must be provided in the both parties, and the second chapter dealt with the persuasive techniques. It is clear from the study that the Imam has applied all of these techniques and using his words in order to persuade the addressee according to their personalities; some of them have reached the degree of conviction and some of them have increased their stubbornness and unwillingness