The Effect of Viral Marketing in E-Commerce A Survey Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Customers in the Marketing Complexes in Nineveh Governorate


The importance of the future in the field of business has increased in importance and crystallized through the interest in applied science and try to identify what is expected to include the events and surprises and excitement of all areas of life without exception, which prompted the business companies to pay attention to the market and the acquisition of knowledge and modern technologies and employ them to enable them to enter To new markets through the invention of modern and contemporary methods in how to display their products and delivery method of scientific methodology depends on the factors of modern marketing and marketing performance better, as viral marketing is a modern concepts in the implementation of marketing functions, The scientific revolution in the field of viral marketing led to the emergence of fundamental changes in electronic commerce and to the development of new technologies and an increase in the desire to identify the cultures of others as well as their tastes and desires, All these factors were essential reasons for pushing the companies to use modern technological means to carry out their marketing activities, introducing new changes and concepts on electronic commerce, and the lack of local research that dealt with viral marketing in electronic commerce. The two researchers paid great attention to this subject and the possibility of benefiting from the viral information published on the websites In order to achieve effective methods in the business process. This was done through conducting a survey on a sample of customers in the marketing complexes consisting of (78) as the form was designed through the program G and using the statistical program SPSS16 for the purpose of analysis, so it has been concluded that all definitions provided for viral marketing is based on emails sent to users of electronic means in their sites to access general information about the products of other companies announced by the way viruses and convince them to connect Information about this message to their acquaintances to influence them for the purpose of buying or selling.