Evalvition utilize ability of coantial(ceratophyllum demersm)wastes to prepare general media for some microorganisms


This study was carried out in the fungi toxity laboratory – College ofAgriculture -Baghdad university during 2006 to evaluate coantial wastes utilizingas essential martial to prepare general media for some microorganisms.Results obtained can be summarized as follow:-1-Best quantity can be used from coantial to prepare general medium for funguswas 100 gr l which was given growth rate from fungus were tested semilerthan which was obtaind by yousd potato dextrose agare (PDA) medium.2-The increased on mat dry weight for fungus tested by using caontial mediumwith 5 gr. starch as amendment were 1.15 ,1.29 ,1.14 and 1.67 gr100 mlmedium from Pleurotus ostreatus ,Trichoderam harizanium ,Fusarummonifrom and Aspergillus flavus combared with ,0.59,1.28 and 0.91 gr100ml on PD medium respectively.3-Effect of coantil medium with amendment on spores concentration were 24 x105ml and16 x105ml from A.flavus and F.monilifrom copared with 2x 105mland 12 x105ml on PD medium .4-On other hand the best quantity can be used from coantial to prepare mediumutlize for bacteria culture was 50 gr 1 which was gevin best growth rate forEscherichia coli .Azotobacter sp and pseudomonas fluorcens semilar thanobtaind by used N.B. media and coantial media inereased the count densityonly for Azotobacter sp.