Compliance of Hypertensive Patients to Medication in AL-Imam AL-Hussein medical City- Kerbala- 2018


background: High blood pressure (BP) is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths worldwide, around 12.8% of the whole deaths . It is a major risk factor for coronary artery disease and its complications, heart failure, renal insufficiency, stroke and blindness in diabetic patients.Aim: This study is designed to determine the compliance of hypertensive patients attending the consultation clinics of internal medicine in Al-Imam Al-Hussein medical city with treatment regimen and the causes of noncompliance.Method: A descriptive cross- sectional study conducted in the outpatient clinics of Al- Imam Al-Hussein medical city in Kerbala during the period from March till June 2018.Total study sample was 335 hypertensive patients ,their ages over 25 years were selected by convenience sampling procedure according to the inclusion criteria . They were interviewed and assessed using special questionnaire format based on sociodemographic data, Morisky 8- item medication adherence scale (MMAS-8) ,and measuring of blood pressure.Results: the mean age of the patients was 58.69 ± 11.87 years. Good compliance with treatment was present in only 28.36% of the sample, 25.67% with partial compliance and 45.97% had poor compliance. Good control of blood pressure was present only in 23.3% of the patients .The absence of symptoms was the first isolated cause of non-compliance to medication 21.9%, followed by forgetfulness 18.8%, the cost of medication 16.3%, then negligence and carelessness of patients 9.4%, while 23.1% of the patients had more than one specific reason to their poor compliance.Conclusions: the study revealed a low rate of medication compliance and low level of blood pressure control with strong association between them. Compliance increased with age, male gender, higher level of education and income, longer duration of the disease, presence of complications, using healthy diet and having positive believe about hypertension treatment and its consequences.