Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior Toword Periodontal Health Among Malesand FemalesStudents Aged (16-18) Years in Erbil City


BackgroundandObjective: periodontaldiseaseconcederasamaltyinflammatorydisease maybeasourceofsystemicinflammationbecauseoralhealthisimportantforappearance and sense of well-being overall health. So cleaning the mouth by brushing and flossing to prevent gum disease is important. The current study was conducted to clarify the knowledge,attitude,andbehaviorinrelationtoperiodontalhealthstatusamongmaleand female students in Erbilcity.MaterialsandMethods:aquestionnaireofperiodontalhealthofknowledge,attitudes, and behavior was allocated on 480 (240 males and 240 females) school students ran- domly, aged 16–18 year, in Erbil city. Data were collected by means of 23 close-ended questionnaires.Results: 85% of male and 90% of female knew that brushing prevents gingivitis. 55.4% of the male student, 62.1 of female student thought that using dental flossprevent periodontal disease. While (26.7%) of male and 22.1% of female would visit a dentist in case of gum pain. (81.3%) of male and 97.5 of female thought that regular visits to the dentist necessary (p≤0.0004). Males reported 25% of twice a day tooth brushing while female reported 42.9% of twice a day tooth brushing(p≤0.025).Toothbrush and toothpaste were still the most commonly used oral hygiene aids among male (74.6%) and female (91.7%) students (p≤0.0015) used tooth brush and tooth paste commonly as oral hygiene aids.Conclusions:presentstudyshowsthatourstudentshavepositiveknowledge,attitude andnegativebehaviortowordperiodontalhealth.