Automatic Tattoo Matching Technique For Suspect Identity


At the few years ago, the attention of drawing tattoo on a part of the body is more popular, especiallyin younger populations with age between 20 and 30 years old. Lawenforcement agencies tend to usethe tattoo images as a biometric for the identificationof a suspect or victim and routinely catalog tattooimages for this process. So the need to development an automatic system for the verification processand matching tattoo sketch (that obtained from the description of the eyewitness) with a stored tattooimage became most important. The attempts in this scope are limited because of the challenges inmatching sketch to image. In this work a set of features that are invariant against changes in (scale,change, mirroring, rotation and translation) are used. Moment Invariants features are extracted fromtattoo images and combined with the eigenvalues to construct feature vector with 13 values. Thesevectors are used in the process of matching between sketch tattoo and image tattoo. A total number ofimages that used here is 120 for sketch tattoos and tattoo images, and the obtained results were 85 %of images correctly matched its sketch features.