Evaluation of IL-2, IL-8, IL-10 expression in trophoplastic tissue of women with spontaneous miscarriage infected by Toxoplasma gondii


Background: For normal pregnancy to be established, a Th2 type immune response must be induced by the maternal immune system at the maternal-fetal interface .The induction of a strong type 1 cytokine response at the fetal maternal interface may result in rejection of the fetus. Thus, such response could contribute to spontaneous abortion during acute toxoplasmosis in pregnant women.
Aim:To investigate the level of IL-10, IL-2 and IL-8 proteins expression within trophoplastic tissue in patients complaining spontaneous miscarriage, and they were T.gondii positive.
Materials and Methods: A total of fifty women, aged between (16 − 42) years, were involved in this study. Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay test was used for the detection of specific IgM( using serum samples) and immunohistochemistry( using . trophoblastic tissue ) method was used for the detection of antigen in trophoplastic tissue as diagnostic methods for T.gondii and evaluation of IL-10, IL-2, IL-8 proteins .Samples were classified into three groups: Group A- patients with spontaneous miscarriage and Toxoplasma gondii positive ( n= 20 women) , with a mean age of (23.8± 1.631);Group B- patients with spontaneous miscarriage and Toxoplasma gondii negative( n= 20 women), with a mean age of (25.5± 1.60);Group C- Control group ,women with induced abortion for medical causes( n=10 women), with a mean age of (26.4± 1.628).
Results: The highest percent of IL-2(65.25±1.599)% was within group(A) then lower than this(63.50±2.335)% was within group (B) and the lowest percent (11.60±1.522)% was within the control group. While the highest percent of IL-10 (70.60±2.272) % was within the induced abortion group, and the lowest was found within (A) and (B) groups (20.80±1.268) %and (22.25±1.859) % respectively, The highest percent of IL-8 (55.80±3.427)% was within group (A) , lower than this(43.65±3.224)% was within group (B) and the lowest percent(14.40±1.327)% was within the control group,
Conclusions: These results highlighted the possible protective role of IL-10 during successful pregnancies, and that IL-2 increased in expression in cases of spontaneous miscarriage .
Key words:trophoplastic tissue, Spontaneous miscarriage, Toxoplasma gondii, IL-2, IL-8, IL-10.