Analysising the Relationships between Market Knowledge and Customer Loyalty and Their Impacts on Achieving Marketing Excellence A Field study upon sample of the hotels in the city of Irbil


The present study aims analyzing the relationships between market knowledge (customers' knowledge, product / services' knowledge, suppliers' knowledge, and competitors' knowledge) and customer loyalty (Intention of spoken word, the intention of re-dealing, price insensitivity, and behavior of complaint) and their impacts on achieving marketing excellence (service quality, customer retention, marketing innovation, and core competencies) on a sample of hotels in Erbil city. This study presented a theoretical conceptual framework for the main variables as well as for the sub-variables, and the hotels setor selected as a practical field. This study followed an analytical approach along with presenting a set of hypotheses as probative answers to the study problem that has been tested with multiple statistical tools. A survey questionnaire have been designed and distributed to (60) individuals in (6) hotels. This study reached a number of results, the most important results was the existence a positive correlation between market knowledge and customer loyalty and the existence of their impacts on achieving marketing excellence. Based on this result, this study presented a set of recommendations that focuses on the dimensions of marketing knowledge and customer loyalty in order to achieving marketing excellenc.