Investigation of Stress Intensity Factor for Corrugated Plates with Different Profiles Using Extended Finite Element (XFEM)


Corrugated plates play very important role in variousengineering applications. The occurrence of crack in the body ofcorrugated plate might results in catastrophic failure. In thepresent paper there are different profiles of corrugated plates(trapezoidal, sinusoidal and triangle) that are studied. In eachprofile the stress intensity factor and shape factor werecalculated for various crack orientations, various corrugationangles and different curvature radius for the same profile. Theyare all subjected to different loading conditions using ExtendedFinite Element Method (XFEM).It is found the stress intensity factor when load applied parallelto corrugation direction is higher when load appliedperpendicular to corrugation direction. Also found that thestress intensity factor increase by 115% when curvature radiusincreases with the load applied perpendicular to corrugation.This study also found and explained that the stress intensityfactor increases slightly when the corrugation angle of the trianglecorrugated plate increases. In all cases studied, the trapezoidalthe corrugated plate shows the lower values of the stress intensity factorcompared to the sinusoidal and triangle corrugated plates.