Steady State Thermo XFEM Fracture Analysis of Isotropic and an Isotropic FG Plate with Inclined Center Crack


The extended-finite element method (X-FEM) is usedfor crack analysis of orthotropic and isotropic functionally graded composite material (FGCM) plate with a slanted crackunder thermal loadings. The enrichments functions ofdiscontinuity are implemented. Mixed-mode SIFs arecalculated in isotropic and orthotropic FGMs. Gaussiantechnique (Q4) has been applied in the numerical calculation ofinteraction of solution. Thermal effects, fundamentalequations, the interaction integral of non-homogeneous cases(M-integral), and proposal numerical integration rule is set tosimulate and to debate the accuracy of the present work resultsin comparing with the results of the references available inthe literature. In addition, the effect of the size of crack is studiedto discuss the values of energy release rate and stress intensityfactors with different crack angles. The present study isimplemented by using MATLAB program to present steady-state thermo XFEM fracture analysis of isotropic and anisotropic FG plate with inclined center crack.